On Angels’ Wings

Here is a beautiful poem about the wonder and joy of new life.  If it sings to you, please Like and Share it with others.  Much love, Anita.

Soft silken raindrops
Alight on my soul
As the dance of life begins
And you curl around my core.
In the world, yet scarcely,
Carried here on Angels’ wings
Tenderly entwined are we
Through life’s ecstatic symphony.
Sweetest of teardrops
Fall on your gaze
As my heart implodes with love
At your tiny embrace.
In the world, so bravely,
Brought here by God’s grace.
My restless heart no longer aches
As in drowsy contentment
I vow to love and protect you
Each step of the way.

Listen to the spoken poem.


Healthy, wealthy, happy and strong!

How often do we affirm to ourselves how lucky and blessed we are with our life?  Yes, we have challenges—everyone does, that’s what life is all about: how we rise to the challenges and become better human beings to ourselves and each other.  So the challenge for you today is to think about how you are healthy, wealthy, happy and strong?  Here are some ideas to inspire you:


(a) Physically—I eat a healthy plant-based diet; I do gentle exercises every day; I go for a little walk in the meadow with my dogs, inhaling the sweet scents of the natural world; I do small bursts of writing then I rest, and repeat.

(b) Mentally—I meditate twice daily, as well as regular 10 minute mini-mindfulness/soft breathing sessions to re-energise, help me focus and clear the mental dross that builds up during the day; I do puzzles (crosswords, Sudoku etc.) to exercise the brain cells!

(c) Emotionally—I have stopped watching news on tv as it was drenching me with sadness.  I feel a lot healthier emotionally for doing this one simple thing.


I am financially secure and I give thanks for this every time I have a major purchase to make; In terms of assets, the most important is my small group of friends who are as sisters to me, and this makes me feel blessed and content; I also never take for granted having a safe, secure home in a healing natural environment.  What more could I want or need?


I am content with my life.  How many of us can actually say that? I acknowledge past mistakes as simply stumbling blocks along the path to where I am now.  I am grateful for all the skills and aptitudes I have been given/gained in this life and my aim now is to use these in order to help others.


I have a strong body with hands to use as tools and legs as my transportation, an intelligent brain to reason and think.  I have a strength of character, a determination to do things to the very best of my abilities and a resilience to keep on keeping on regardless of any hurdles which need to be overcome.  I am stronger still when I engage with God and ask his help.

It’s over to you now!

How to nurture resilience in your life.

What is resilience? 

Resilience:  flexibility, durability, strength, adaptability, toughness. When all around us seems unsteady, it is our ability to remain resolute and determined which sets us apart from others.  Life is a process of continuous change.  Do we fight it and struggle or do we accept change as a lesson to be learned and move forward with courage and enthusiasm?

Whatever the tasks we set ourselves today, this week, this month, the process is the same: don’t give up when progress seems impossible.  Persevere.  Be industrious.  Think of new ways of doing things which may bring more success. 

“We create our future in our present.”

So how can I incorporate resilience into daily life? 

  • Be yourself and be sincere.  Those who preach and moralise are not listened to attentively by the disinterested.  Yet those whose courage, energy and diligence shine from their eyes so brightly, light a beacon which others will (even subconsciously) follow.  They will be dazzled and intrigued to know more, and find out how they can be like this person.  This is a very important way in which to live your life and serve others—by showing, not telling, the way to others, by being as well as doing. 
  • Notice those who show by example and emulate them: the neighbour who picks up litter; the child who continues to attend school despite being bullied; the person who persists in his or her endeavours despite ridicule from others, and so on.  You know who they are. 
  • Be someone who persists in striving to make his or her part of the world (our world!)better.  This could mean: tending your front garden to keep the neighbourhood tidy and welcoming for others; maintaining a clean and tidy home (remember your outer clutter reflects the inner emotional state!); extending the hand of friendship to all who need it.
  • Follow the example of the natural world.  I watch the blue tits and coal tits at the feeder in my garden each day.  These tiny birds are constantly bullied by the larger sparrows and starlings and yet they return time and again to get food for their young.  I see the trees in the field bend time and again under the ferocious Atlantic winds and yet they persist and thrive.  I want to be like that each time a wave of pain threatens to overwhelm me:  climb into my ‘boat of resilience’ and keep sailing till the storm passes!

So make it your intention to incorporate the quality of resilience into your daily life, no matter any physical, emotional or financial limitations you may face.  Start today! I’d love to hear your feedback, and remember you can ‘sign guestbook’ here.


Spiritual Qualities: Purity of heart

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8

There have been many great saints and masters (eg. Jesus, Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Saint Francis etc.) who have come to Earth to show us how we can be better, kinder human beings, in order for our souls to grow and become closer to God.  Saints are pure in heart; pure in thoughts, words and deeds.  That’s an enormous example for us to follow, but if we take one desirable spiritual quality at a time and work on nurturing that within us, before moving on to the next, we will get there! Fear not.

What is purity of heart?

Purity of heart for me conjures up the idea of thinking of and putting others above ourselves—always—with no selfish motives on our part of seeking either praise or thanks.  That’s tough isn’t it?  Try doing this for just one minute at a time, then for an hour, then try and incorporate it into your day.  When I wake up in the morning, I ask: “Okay God, how can I be kind today?” and I actively look out for opportunities during the day to do something kind for someone else. It’s about entraining ourselves with new, positive habits and ways of thinking and being.  It will eventually become automatic.  It’s not easy, but that’s the point.  God isn’t going to give away his gifts to a half-hearted aspirant!

Some easy ways to nurture purity of heart in your day:

  • don’t overthink things.  If it feels right to do something for someone, do it!
  • do something you don’t enjoy and do it gladly!
  • be grateful for the simple blessings in your life (a warm, safe home; food on the table; being born into a lovely family and so on.)
  • be mindful of the motivations behind your ‘selfless’ acts (are you even subconsciously seeking praise, attention or thanks?)
  • don’t allow yourself to be swayed emotionally by events (in other words, try to be even-minded, not over-excitable nor overly upset).  This is like a cleansing routine for the heart, keeping it pure.
  • think of God often.  Put your trust in Him.
  • maintain positivity in your thoughts.  Thoughts are so powerful and can lead us down the shaky path of negativity and mistrust if we let them. Don’t!  Keep your mind, as well as your heart, pure!

Have a great week everyone. Namaste!




Jeu décisif (the decider game)

(published in Kindred Spirit website June 9th 2017. Jeu décisif Kindred Spirit)

It’s amazing what inspiration comes to you when you’re watching a game of tennis!  The first fortnight in June hosts the French Tennis Open (Roland Garros) and I have been struck by the determination, fearlessness and tenacity of the players as I watch their interaction during play.  This is especially so in the Tie-break (jeu décisif): the decider game. These qualities of determination, fearlessness and tenacity are also sought-after spiritual qualities, the acquisition of which will hasten our soul’s growth, and so it is in all our interests to nurture these qualities in our life.  How can we follow the examples set by athletes and sportsmen and women to integrate these spiritual qualities into our daily lives?  Here are a few pointers to help you do this:


Determination is such an important quality in all aspects of life:  the attitude of “keep on keeping on”.  It’s important to try and nurture this quality in ourselves: in the routines of daily life, in meditation, in relationships and so on.  It would be so much easier, and yet much less spiritually valuable, to take the easy way, to drop the racquet and say “I give up.  This is too difficult”.  But it’s through all the trials in life—when we need to dig deep and be resolutely determined to overcome these challenges—that we see massive growth spiritually and emotionally!  We can all use this gift of determination wisely, and especially, to do good in life.

Remember to never give up trying, even when the odds seem stacked against you! If you are continually coming up against a brick wall, try sitting in quiet and asking for inner guidance.  Perhaps what you are trying to do or achieve is not the best course of action for you and that is why obstacles constantly arise.  Perhaps your motivations are ego-led: selfish as opposed to selfless.  Living solely for the self can give temporary moments of happiness absolutely—but not long-term joy. Many of us discover this lesson very late in life. So, think through problems logically, analyze your motivations, reason possible solutions and try these one at a time. When you have discovered the right course of action for you and for the good of others, things will flow easily.


Courage to trust in oneself, but also to trust in a higher power.  Those who have faith in such an overarching power often appear calmer and less afraid to take action.  Even if we don’t always know what’s going on in our lives and how what we think, say or do will affect others, God does. The essence of the message in this quotation is to trust in Him (whatever name you give Him: God, Source, Allah, Jehovah etc.) that everything will be okay.  This can be a frightening thing to consider and do: relinquishing control to something unseen and unknown.  However, ask yourself if you are happy with the status quo: continually spinning plates trying to control each aspect of your life, usually out of fear that something bad may happen if you stop running.  Is living in fear helping you to grow emotionally and spiritually or is it stifling your life-energy?

“It is I who remain seated in the heart of all creatures as

the inner controller of all.” (Bhagavad Gita XV:15)

Whatever your beliefs, it is certainly true that none of us can see the whole ‘big picture’ in life; we’re only a tiny spark of light in the vast cosmos, a single thread in the tapestry of all life. Therefore, we can only see our little part of the tapestry!  How freeing it is to fearlessly put our trust in a higher power and hand over any doubts and attempts we make to control life around us! It is at this point that we are able to act without fear of any results of our actions.  If God is the umpire of this terrestrial match of life, we are the players on court, and we need only do our best at the end of the day. This is what really matters: how we play the game, the lessons we learn from each challenge and how we learn to love others.


If we search for the meaning of tenacity in a dictionary, one interpretation will say: “the quality of being able to grip something firmly”.  This is an apt description when talking about a game of tennis or even a limpet clinging to a rock! But what about you and I?  How do we stand firm in the face of, for example, peer pressure to ‘fit in’ or change?  Well, firstly we have the courage to be who we are and not what we think others want us to be; we affirm our self-worth daily to ourselves and to other people; we stand firm when criticized or ridiculed for our beliefs or selfless actions; we constantly battle our bad habits and work just as hard to establish new, positive habits of thinking and doing.  We strive at every turn to be the best player we can be in this game of life. These are the qualities of tenacity which can be nurtured in all of us in order for our soul to prosper.

Our jeu décisif:

Are we going to be tenacious in all aspects of life?  Is this life on Earth going to be our ‘jeu décisif’ in which we conquer accumulated karma with no further need to reincarnate?  Or will our tenacity weaken, hastening our return to play another game? The ball is in your court!