A Sunny day in the North

The view from my window is constantly changing but always entrancing.  We have all the seasons in Scotland (sometimes in the one day!) and each brings with it a transformative beauty.  I’d like to share with you the view from my home on a sunny day.

The tree in the centre of the picture houses a pair of woodpeckers who come to the feeder in our garden to collect peanuts.  The blue skies above are peppered with swallows, starlings, and bats in the evening.  I know I am so blessed to live in such a natural, healing environment.  Many a day has been spent watching the clouds go by, seeing the birds soaring and wishing I could fly with them!  Nature heals our heart and nurtures our soul.  It gives and gives, not expecting anything in return.  I want to be like that!  Nature lifts any low moods I have and reminds me to focus on the positives and how wonderful this world is.  Here’s the poem.  I hope you enjoy it!  Much love x

A Sunny Day in the North!

What a beautiful, sunny day!
A cosmic blessing on the rainy north.
The air seems to sigh and the spaces
Between branches shimmer.
And so the contraction in my body eases and melts
With the warming caress of the sun’s rays.
The daffodils nod and bounce
An outward show of their inner dance of joy.
They peer round to observe this object of beauty in the sky
Which beams its benevolent smile on us all.
This growing joy within me awakens the Inner Child
That wants to run and skip, make daisy chains
Lying in a field of tall grass, watching shapes in the clouds
As they meander, unhurried, like my past.
“Have patience,” I tell myself, “for the sun’s time is limited
And the chill yet prevails.”
But summer is knocking on the creaking wood
Around the door,
Whispering promises of lazy days and warm bones ahead.

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