The Bluebell Wood (after a painting by Jenny Brown)

I wrote this poem after being inspired by a painting of the same name by my artist friend, Jenny Brown (shown above with the painting).  She captures the quality of light and different textures with such delicate brush-strokes; the same aspects which I also aim to capture with words!

The Bluebell Wood

Sage-clad sentinels of the forest
Keep watch o’er the bluebell wood
As a timeless dawn mist
Eases her grip
On its treasure within.
Flexing their limbs
With each creak of the wind
Streaking through gossamer veils
These gentle giants
Close ranks once again
Like grandparents
Protecting their kin.
The sky’s azure reflection
Carpets all around,
Dotted with scent-pods
Of wild garlic flowers.
This feast for the senses
Is paradise found!
Milton’s antithesis
Of sight and sound.
In this carefree playground
Of nymphs and sprites
The bluebell bonnets
Quiver with delight.
Life is in the giving!
O, it’s good to be alive
This beautiful morning
In the bluebell wood!

Jenny’s art is beautiful! Go take a look.

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