Time to give back: Ban the Microbeads

tree of lifeThe Earth is amazing, isn’t it?  Mother Nature gives of herself – climate to provide protection and rebirth, trees to cleanse the atmosphere, rivers to provide sustenance and growth, and so on.    Why don’t we decide today (and every day!) to give a little back.  First thing you can do is actually quite major and that is to BAN MICROBEADS from your home.  You probably don’t know you have them!!  These are nasty tiny plastic beads used as exfoliators in personal care products.  They cannot biodegrade and are flushed into the seas, ingested by fish, and then ultimately by us.   To check if a product has microbeads, download the app from Google Play or App Store.  This scans the barcode of a product to check if it contains microbeads.  Learn more at www.beatthemicrobead.org and throw away any products which contain microbeads.  This is an easy, but very powerful way to show kindness to the Earth!

I am Complete

I am complete

I am complete
I am replete
I open the door on this life
And gifts in abundance
Come tumbling out:
Love for living
Joy in giving
Health and well-being
Bounty beyond all my needs.
But friendship holds me high
With encouragement to fly.
“Look at me!” I squeal
As I soar in the sky
Like a kite on a blustery day –
Vulnerable yet full of joy!
Free to be me
Supported by the filaments
Of companionable love.

* * * * *
If it’s your birthday or special celebration today, remember that gifts and cards are lovely reminders of those who love and accept us as we are, but time spent with loved ones (be they family, friends, community groups and so on) is priceless, isn’t it?!

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Put a little faith in your life


These words we share
Are food for the Soul
Nourishing the Spirit
Invoking peace.
These prayers we share
Are the sweetest nectar
Prized by the hummingbird
Instilling grace.
This faith we share
Is Infinite in its beauty
Endless in its humility
Quenching our thirst
For a return to Source.
For our faith is primeval
Transcending physical boundaries
Our belief is immortal
Like our Souls
Swathed in a cocoon of humanity
Till Ascension beckons
In a concerto of bliss.

Take control of the senses

Our senses allow all the stimuli of the world to enter our body-mind, causing havoc and disruption to mental and physical serenity.  Just think of all the sensory agitation you experience from a roller-coaster ride or an all-you-can-eat buffet!  Yes, it can be really exciting at the time but as soon as it’s over, you crash back down to “boring normality”.   Trying to control the senses is like keeping a very firm rein on the five horses in the picture.    This week I pledge to control my sense of Taste:  I have a craving for sweet foods, despite knowing that their pleasure is very short-lived and ultimately disruptive.

This week I will nourish my body-mind with healthy food!