The Siren’s Call

How many of us hear the call home?  How many of us stop and listen, to hear if God is speaking to us in the silence, in the peace, in our growing intuition?  Take a few moments now to read my beautiful poem, The Siren’s Call, which was published on the Women’s Spiritual Poetry blog.  Click on the image below to read the poem (you can also watch and listen to the video version)!  I hope you find your own “quiet beacon through the fog“.  Blessings, Anita. ❤

The Siren’s Call

Happy holidays from Healing Words!

A big Hiya from beautiful, sunny Scotland!  I’m taking a social media holiday for 2 weeks.  I’ve got some books to read and review, and lots of time to spend with family and friends.  I’m so grateful to everyone who reads and interacts with me on my blog.  It really does mean a lot to me, and I adore reading your blogs too!  It’s so cool to connect with like-minded people all over the world.  Speaking of cool, I think it’s time for an ice-cream…..

Much love, Anita.🍦🌴

Bring me sunshine!

Morecambe and Wise came into my mind this morning along with the song, “Bring me sunshine” which they used to sing at the end of every show (for those who don’t know them, they were a comedy duo on UK television in the ’70s – that’s the 1970s – so last century!!).   Their song and dance routine always made me giggle, especially the silly little skipping dance at the end.

What’s at the heart of all this?  Sunshine! Light! Laughter!  I had glanced at my wall calendar for June 2018 this morning and noticed that I had drawn in a big sun symbol on the majority of the days.  This is something I do to uplift my spirits on a low day, so I thought I’d share some more sunny, silly ideas with you today.

So, why not think, say or do something silly to bring a smile to your face and help lift the spirits of others.  Here are a few suggestions for you (I’d love to hear yours!  I’m always on the look-out for good ideas):

  • watch a short Morecambe and Wise video on YouTube (any will make you giggle)
  • find a really good joke (from a book, or google (?) and share it with others).  Here’s one:

  • draw a big sun on the calendar if it’s a beautiful sunny day, and colour it in with yellow highlighter.  Encourage others to do likewise.  Here’s my calendar for June:

  • record your pet snoring and share with your friends or on social media.
  • see the funny side in everything today.  Laugh out loud as often as you can.  It may freak people out, but it will be infectious.  Check out laughter therapy.
  • Make it your mission to get others to smile/laugh today. eg:  smile at them; compliment them; hold the door for them; give them some chocolate.  Share your results with us / others.
  • Follow your intuition.  If you see something that you think will make someone smile/laugh, don’t hesitate with excuses.  Just make them a gift of it and brighten up their and your day.

I leave you with this iconic song from ELO, Mr Blue Sky.  Just click on the image below to listen, and have a happy, sunny day!  Anita.😎


Calmness is wellness

The horses in the field were having their usual mid-morning snooze, seeking shade from the unusually hot temperatures we are experiencing this week.  Cars sped by on their usual morning school run.  Some suddenly slowed to a crawl, their occupants’ necks craned out towards this lovely spectacle, children gesticulating excitedly in the back seats. I could almost hear them shrieking, “Mummy, slow down.  Horses!  Look, horses, mummy.  Slow down.”      Continue reading

It’s hard to be humble…

“Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble
When you’re perfect in every way
I can’t wait to look in the mirror
Cause I get better looking each day
To know me is to love me
I must be a hell of a man
Oh Lord It’s hard to be humble,
But I’m doing the best that I can.”

-from It’s-hard-to-be-humble-Mac-Davis song

I was going to start this blog post with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, but as soon as I started writing, this song started ringing out in my head, so I went with these lyrics instead.  You should take a minute to watch the YouTube video link above.  It’s such a catchy song, very tongue-in-cheek but at the same time contains a serious message if you want to look into it more deeply.  Because the difference between maintaining a state of balance in your body-mind and slipping into ego-led delusion is like teetering on a knife-edge, and one on which I teeter (and fall) quite often.  As I frequently tell people, “I’m a work in progress!”  


One spiritual quality I struggle with is that of humility.  It is hard to be humble, as the song says.  We are hard-wired to strive for better, to improve ourselves, and when we do make improvements (be they physical, mental, spiritual) we naturally feel gratified.  Watch out though, for this is the ego entrapping us in the cycle of action-gratification-more action-  and this will inevitably lead to unhappiness.  I awoke to the reality of life on earth through ill-health some 9 years ago.  I see this awakening as a true blessing, but when I look at others who are still caught on the treadwheel of material desires and delusion, a sense of smugness can sometimes beset me.  I start thinking things like, “I’m better than him or her”, or I judge their behaviour because it doesn’t come up to my standards.

Who made me God?

But hold on a minute here.  Who made me God?  I don’t get to decide how we should all behave and think!  I know this to be true, but equally I haven’t fully assimilated it in a practical sense yet.  This is a big block I need to deal with before I can progress further.  Where did this arrogance come from?  I was certainly very driven since childhood, but perhaps it comes from a previous incarnation?  In any case, it has to go. This arrogance is the opposite of humility and I know I must do my very best to hand it over to God and at every moment, make the choice of humility instead.   Here’s the Gandhi quote:

“It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom.”

-Mahatma Gandhi.

God’s spark shines in all of us equally.  Paramahansa Yogananda (20thC Swami who brought Kriya yoga to the west) made the analogy of sunlight falling equally on a lump of coal and a diamond, yet only the diamond receives and reflects the light.     Have a nice weekend and Shine-on-you-crazy-diamond (Pink Floyd)! Anita.💎