War and Peace: a poem of hope

“Our boys deserve to become men
Not casualty numbers soon forgotten”

War:  a bloody impasse between
Sense and nonsense
Normal rules no longer apply.
As planes fly overhead
Men lie wounded and dead.
Would that another way were possible
Of peaceful compromise, of entente-cordiale
Between people who are not so different after all!
Our boys deserve to become men
Not casualty numbers soon forgotten
In the everyday chaos of battle.
Let them create future memories now
In the safety and peace of tolerance and love.

Peace:  New life springs forth from the tears
Of the Earth
For gentleness and patience heal all wounds.
Resilient shoots emerge after the ravages of fire
In this benevolent field of hope.
Love soothes all anger. Love eases all pain.
Hatred and fear will not take root here
For it takes joy to create such a beautiful tapestry
A binding together of all peoples in peaceful accord.
And it takes understanding to nourish it.  Amen.